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Most of the Readings are possible only AFTER

the Foundation Reading


Do you realize that you're born unique, don't you? And since very childhood, you have been and continue to be influenced by external and internal factors. Are you aware of that every moment of your life? And how they are influencing every move you make? The Foundational Reading gives you information that will be unpacked for years, each time when you will listen to the recordings, it will be awakening to new familiar facets of Yourself and your uniqueness!

In more detail, the Foundation Reading will give you:

  • a deep understanding of your Genetic Type in the context of the entire Design
  • stability within and trust in Yourself in decision-making
  • your unstable sides that often create resistance on the outside and stress on the inside
  • scenarios of how and where you are wasting your personal powers

You will come out of the Reading with a clear understanding:

→ How to be aware of influences, to awaken to your true nature, or simply - to live your life

→ What stands on the way to Yourself

→ Your role and life mission

→ Dilemmas that are repeated throughout life

→ How to enter the HD experiment

→ ... and I am sure that there will be much more, depending on your questions, reactions and degree of openness))

We will work with you one-on-one, based on your situation and taking into account your specific request in the moment of our meeting.

I can blow up your brain, or on the contrary, I can bring you peace and satisfaction, all depending on your state of consciousness at the time of the Reading.

I will also suggest that you re-listen to the Reading, and come back to me after a while with questions and observations (included in the price).

Two formats:

  • Classic - around two hours, 222 €
  • Extended - about four hours, divided into 2 two-hour meetings, 369 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recordings.


By entering into any relationship (intimate, business, family, friends) - we create a unique connection. That's when 1 + 1 = 3 principle works, as something new is born between two people. Often we do not understand why we feel somehow close to a person, or the opposite.

Each interaction has its own, special mechanics. It seems that this can be changed, but we see that in life everything is not so simple.

So, the Partnership Analysis will allow you to:

  • realize how you influence your partner
  • understand how the other might feel about you
  • see why exactly and in what spheres of life the partner doesn't behave like you would love them to
  • understand how the partner affects you, and which of their qualities you perceive as your own
  • recognize the dynamics of interaction
  • gain a deep understanding of the emotional aspect of a relationship
  • see the profound inner places, compromises, and learn how it will be much easier to interact
  • learn how exactly you make decisions in partnership.

This Reading will allow you, through understanding the mechanics, to become aware of yourself and the other in a relationship, to be present to your life force without changing or adjusting yourself to fit into the models of behavior. As the result, the relationship will become more conscious and correct and of course will lead to satisfaction, peace, success and surprise for both of you.

For whom is this Partnership Reading?

If both partners have received a Reading, then I can read to you together. It is also possible for one person if the other is not ready or interested.

This Reading is only possible after receiving the Foundation for at least one of the partners.

If you have not yet received a Foundation Read, and you are interested in Partnership Analysis, I can offer you the Foundation Reading/Partnership Analysis Package. Write to me about that, ok?

Two formats:

  • Classic - about 2 hours, 222 €
  • Extended - about four hours, divided into 2-3 meetings, 369 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.



  • Where is the best place to work for me?
  • How to find a job or business for my life?
  • Where and in what environment I am to experience success, satisfaction, peace and wonder?

Fewer and fewer people want to work just for money. And more and more want to work to feel satisfied.

Some of us are set to work for large companies, while others are to be self-employed. Each of us carries a completely unique life force that the Career Profile Reading reveals.

This consultation is for those who:

  • have completed a certain stage in life and stand at the crossroads
  • feels the importance of understanding own strengths and what can distract and take away your energy
  • already do what you love, but want to understand where and how to go deeper
  • interested in understanding what skills are your natural predisposition
  • want to know what qualities and strengths you bring to any job/team/project.

This Reading is only possible after receiving the Foundation Reading. If you have not yet received a Foundation Read, and you are interested in Career Analysis, I can offer you the Foundation Reading/Career Analysis Package. Write to me about it, ok?

Time: around 2 -2.5 hours.

  • 369 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


Life starts with the parents. This Reading is done with those who have the greatest influence on the child, most often mom or dad, to understand:

  • how exactly parents influence and condition their child
  • how to make the right decisions both for yourself and for the child
  • what are the topics that you as a parent pass on to your child
  • better understand the characteristics of your child
  • what forces and qualities should be developed in them
  • where there may be not-self themes that can be lived with wisdom
  • how to correctly interact for both you and the child
  • how to teach them about what to pay attention to from a young age, so that when they grow up, they know their powers
  • we will also consider the question of the diet (PHS) that's unique for the child
  • what are the best ways to learn and develop their brain
  • what conflicts or misunderstandings may arise in your interaction
  • scenarios of how to live with healthy boundaries both for yourself and for your child
  • how not to harm / break the child, but on the contrary, how to strengthen them

In order to raise the true person, first of all, you have to understand yourself well. Remember, just like on the airplane they always say: "First put an oxygen mask on yourself - and only then on the child." This Reading is a real treasure trove of knowledge about how you can support your child in their development, how you influence each other on a variety of levels. It's about how to raise a true self-sufficient person.

This Reading is only possible after receiving the Foundation Reading of at least one parent.

If you have not yet received a Foundation Reading, and are interested in Child Development Analysis, I can offer you the Foundation Reading/Child Development Analysis Package

Two formats:

  • Classic - about 2 hours, 222 €
  • Extended - about 4 - 5 hours, divided into several meetings, we agree in which mode it is more convenient individually, 369 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


Human physical body is perhaps the most incomprehensible and, at the same time, the most basic component of what we are.

It's not always possible to understand what our body is telling us, what is good or bad for it, healthy or not. There are so many different opinions and concepts about what kind of food and how to eat properly, what sports to choose, or opposite - not to choose. We are all completely different. Some need a lot of food – and some not at all. For some it is important with whom and at what time they eat, and for some it is not important at all.

Our diet is directly related to how the brain functions, and what our perception of life is, and if something goes wrong, we begin to get sick, without connecting the dots.

PHS – Primary Health System – is a deep level of information built into your Bodygraph that helps to understand:

  • what approach to nutrition is right for you
  • what are the unique features of your body, and what is important for its most proper functioning
  • what is important in the body to rely on when making decisions
  • what symptoms in the body speak to you
  • which method of physical activity is the most correct for you
  • and much more!

This Reading is an introductory and first step in adjusting your body to its correct frequency. If you resonate with this approach, after this Reading there is an opportunity to continue a longer work, which will contribute to your co-tuning with Yourself and experimentation on the most unpredictable levels.

This analysis is possible for those who have already received the Foundation Reading and are in the Experiment. If you have not yet received a Foundation Reading, and are interested in Health Analysis, I can offer you the Package: Foundation Reading / Health Analysis.

Time: Approximately 1.5-2 hours.

  • 222 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


Human life evolves in Cycles. There are certain moments along the way, and for any person, each cycle is more or less noticeable and important.

The purpose of this analysis – whatever the cycle is – is to help see what pitfalls may be emerging on the path to correctness. And in what, if you consciously interact with the program of the Cycle, you can get wisdom and correct life experience for yourself.

Solar – analysis for the next year of your life. It is ideal to order it 3 months before the birthday.

Saturn Return – Especially important for those who have the 6th line in the Profile. Recommended between the ages of 28 and 33.

The Uranus Opposition – is an important stage in life that literally changes our entire environment and environment, which can cause a strange state inside (what people often call a "midlife crisis"). It is recommended to do in the interval from 38 to 44 years.

The Kiron – is especially important for those who have the 6th line in the Profile. Recommended from to have this Reading when you approach 50's.

This analysis is possible for those who have already received the Foundation Reading and are in the Experiment. If you have not yet received the Foundation Reading, and are interested in Cycle Analysis, I can offer you the Foundation Reading/Cycle Analysis Package.

Time: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

  • 222 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


While getting acquainted with Human Design, people often hear about Crosses, and quickly want to understand what it is. The Incarnation Cross is a description of the frequency that you have come to live in this particular life. In "normal" language, it's about the life's mission, about the purpose.

Remember that mental knowledge about this will not give anything useful :) that is why it is not necessary to rush with this Reading.

The more you are present in the process of your own life, the more you can see your very destiny begin to unfold before you.

The Analysis of the Incarnation Cross includes deep and important layers, such as:

  • Arms of the Cross
  • Theme of the Quarter of your Cross
  • Profile
  • Lunar Nodes – where you came from and where you're going

You can begin to see, understand and realize the meaning of how you live your unique frequencies, and therefore your purpose.

This Reading is only possible for those who have already received the Foundation Reading and have been in the Experiment for at least 3 years.

Time: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

  • 222 €

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


When a couple has a child, the dynamics of interaction between the two parents change, as the group mechanism begins to work. In Human Design, this mechanism is called "Penta".

Each family, consisting of 3-5 people, has its own unique dynamics. Understanding the nature of these dynamics can go a long way toward both personal acceptance of the family as it is and the interaction of family members.

Through this analysis, it can become clear why some "themes" arise and spin in your head when you get together. Sometimes these topics become a real problem for the mind. For example, in a certain configuration, it may seem that "not enough resources" or "not enough discipline" or "we do not spend time together" and so on. Do these problems REALLY exist in your family?

In Family Analysis, we will consider:

  • who brings what qualities to the family
  • what topics can become potential "problems" that are important to be aware of
  • what happens to each of the family members when they find themselves in a group dynamic
  • what recommendations can be for each of the family members to maintain health and correctness

This process is only possible after receiving the Foundation Reading.

Depending on the family and the request, the price and time of the process will vary individually.

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recordings.


The death of loved ones is always a tragedy, and an endless pain. Our culture deeply conditions us with a reaction of grief and loss. In the past, ancient tribes saw death as a transition (rather than a departure), and they maintained contact with those who died through a variety of techniques.

Life, one might say, by chance, led me to the situation when I was invited to help someone who needed logical, and at the same time spiritual support in the case of the loss of a loved one.

At that time, I was conducting a course on the Mechanics of Death, and one of the participants had her father die. She asked for a session that revealed both his life path and his final point - in what role he left this life. Her sister also attended the session (via Zoom) and we went through almost the ceremony with silence, tears, stories, analysis of his mechanics, and even laughter. Since then, I have been offering this very subtle and sensitive Reading.

We will dive into the Bodygraph of the life and death of the departed, and analyse what their lives were like, what mission they fulfilled (or not), and what kind of Bardo, the stage of after death transition, they went through (or not).

It's both a mechanic analysis and a heartfelt support, as the space I create is subtle and sensitive to your vulnerability, which is natural in such a special time.

This Reading does not have neither a clear format nor a fixed price. Just the Flow and open heart.

Includes video (if meeting via Zoom) and audio recording.


Human Design invites you into an amazing experiment that potentially may transform your life, and these are not just a cliche expression here!

This course is like a primary school. It reveals the knowledge of our true nature, and gives practical tools to live in accordance with this uniqueness. New emotional, physical, mental, and even genetic opportunities are opening up. The effect of the course is in gradually changing relationships, health, careers, and other aspects of life.

The course "Living Your Design", as well as the foundation Reading, triggers a deep transformation, that, in turn, gradually leads to the realization of the own true purpose.

It's a journey into revealing the unknown aspects of yourself.

Human Design didn't spark my attention because I lived in pain, was looking for Myself, discovered who I was by Design, and found a salvation :)

When we met, I had already lived many lives filled with searching and finding, games with mysticism and matter, and I had come to success on the levels I possibly desired.

Human Design system gave me the language, the code, and clarity in the processes of comprehension, expression, awareness of thoughts and their sources, the ability to see internally where all of the above come from, and to move in the flow of life with inner lightness without feeding the illusion of choosing.

Since the first Reading received in 2012, I gradually begun to delve into this knowledge. I was taught by many teachers of the first wave, and accomplished studies in America, Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

  • The first diploma of the guide in 2017, followed by quite a few more (you can see them below), and still continue to expand in the knowledge of this multidimensional system. Currently graduating from Business Engineering BG5 Program, and in the process of Differentiation Degree Program.
  • I teach HD at the Ministry of Education of Israel (training school teachers), organize the International HD Rave Marathon with world teachers, and organize live retreats of Nisarg, the first world Reflector teacher.
  • I offer Readings in 4 languages (Russian, English, Hebrew, Slovak), have conducted about a thousand Readings, around twenty streams of the course "Living Your Design", and other HD courses.
QuadRight 1/3 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Planning.







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